About OIN


Founded in 2009, Ontario Initiative Network is a non-profit social enterprise that works with communities to develop solutions for key issues focusing around immigrant entrepreneurship attraction, retention, and programming. Currently, OIN is looking to broaden the impact and reach of its mandate through the development of technology and apps geared towards entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Mission & Vision

Mission: to connect, catalyze, and augment resources for immigrants and newcomers through effective strategy and technology.

Vision: to be a leader in developing strategies and technology which facilitate the knowledge acquisition and integration of Canada’s immigrants and newcomers.

What Resources Does OIN Offer?

OIN is focusing its efforts on an exciting new project – the FLY app. This app will aims to be an engaging and useful resource to help newcomer and Canadian youth alike augment their skills in financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

How is OIN Funded?

OIN is a non-profit organization that does not charge any fees to its end users.

OIN has previously been funded by MTCU, OTF and Libro Credit Union through its Prosperity Fund.