Sarnia-Lambton Business Succession Workshop

Here is a great event coming up thanks to the great team at the Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce. I am delighted to e presenting, and I hope that if you are a business owner in Lambton County, that you will take the time to join us.

Sarnia Lambton Chamber Business Succession Workshop


So, what is Digital Napkin?

Digital Napkin

Digital Napkin is a web site set up to encourage up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Sarnia Lambton to share their ideas, strategies and wisdom with others who might be thinking about going into business for themselves. The site offers a wealth of knowledge and pointers from people who have actually experienced the pitfalls of self-employment as well as motivational strategies to keep others on course.

Many find the resources on the site useful, including grant and funding programs and contact information about the municipal, provincial and Federal agencies plus other on-line sites that can assist entrepreneurs.

The name of the site stems from the popular notion that some of the best ideas are scribbled down on serviettes in restaurants and pubs so that they are not lost!

You can view more at!Digital Napkin - Sarnia-Lambton's Entrepreneur Community

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Digital Napkin: Sarnia-Lambton’s Entrepreneur Community

Digital Napkin - Sarnia-Lambton's Entrepreneur Community

From Digital Napkin

Entrepreneurship in Sarnia Lambton is booming. The area has thousands of entrepreneurial businesses.
This is something that we in Sarnia Lambton often forget and something that those outside the area simply don’t know about.
Entrepreneurs are everywhere in Sarnia Lambton. They are in agriculture and industry. They are in services and sales. They are young and old. They are creative. The diversity of the entrepreneur community reflects the diversity of the Sarnia Lambton economy.

We hope to inspire Sarnia Lambton with stories from the entrepreneurs in our midst. We hope to show that Sarnia Lambton is more than just beautiful beaches, challenging golf courses and a caring community.

Sarnia Lambton is the home of opportunity, entrepreneurship and business in Ontario.
It’s time for us to tell our story.

Are you an Entrepreneur?
Do you want your story told? All you have to do is contact the Digital Napkin and we will interview your to capture the story behind your business.
What’s in it for you?

The Digital Napkin is viewed by hundreds of people from the Sarnia Lambton area, the local region and across North America every month.
Your story will be told to a large audience. It may be the subject of further coverage. Most importantly, your story will be a key part of our effort to have Sarnia Lambton be seen as the entrepreneurial and economic powerhouse that it is.